Recently few of my client's WordPress sites got hacked which is hosted on one of our Nginx baremetal servers! Within 3 days almost 7 clients opened support tickets requesting backup restoration through our Privilegeserver jetbackup stags.

Checking the logs, It's clear the exploit took written privilege to access the file manager and generated malicious injected codes within the WordPress core files as well as modified a few plugins, folders and also created spoof email accounts from the Cpanel.

I ran a quick scan through CXS and Immunify360 to understand the history of the exploits

Initially, CXS reported saying modified files date and the version control details, But immunify 360 gave me depth information about the location of the exploit, permission level, patch details.etc.

You can't scan these exploits through any external security audit tools like Succuri maldet scan and it won't get detect deeply as you see on the above.

The common reason was the hacker is able to access the server through the widely used File manager plugin and then able to access the server "R,W,W" privilege to change the files and folders and then easily access the DB information from the wp-config.php. WordFence security team also reported the same results.

So, immediately i sent a global notification to all my WordPress clients requesting them to take immediate action to update their WordPress core, Plugins, Theme, Change Logins ( WP user, Cpanel, Emails, FTP, DB ) and urge them to install ( These two are highly recommended and lightweight plugins ) WordFence or All in One WP Security & Firewall plugin to harden their sites.

From our end, I've hardened and tweaked the server through CXS, CSF, and manually hardening the config files, Mod security, Mod_rewrite to prevent file/folder browsing, permission changes, access user privileges, etc.

Have you encountered such incidents recently? If yes what you did instead of going for quick restoration.
When it comes to email outreach, people think using an “email template” is a bad idea. They think it means sending spammy messages to a million people at once (never do that). But email templates can be great time-savers if you use them effectively.
Today, I'm going to share some examples of marketing outreach email templates that have had good results in my work. But before that, I'd like to notify you that these email templates are just the starting points, they help you to identify the framework of your message and remind you of the things you must mention in your outreach message. So, when adopting an email template, ensure to give it your own, unique and authentic voice. 
Let’s have a look at the email templates one by one!

1. Product Promotion Template
When you’re running a paid promotion for your product, you can be more direct with your prospect, but make sure you’re not sounding pushy, you’re not asking for any favors and you’re compensating your prospect fairly.
[YOUR NAME] here, Head of Marketing at [COMPANY NAME].
We're running a promotional campaign for our [PRODUCT] and I was hoping to have it featured on [THEIR WEBSITE URL]. I’m open to any kind of placement options, be it an ad, a mention in your listicle or an in-depth review, whatever it takes to find an organic placement within your website.
Let me know if you are interested and we’ll discuss the terms and formats.
2. Article Promotion Template
When you’re not offering to pay for a link placement or other kinds of promotions, then you need to empathize with the value your prospect gets by doing you a favor. Like, is your content really valuable? Will it useful for your prospect’s audience? Are you willing to return your prospect’s favor? Do your best to make it about prospects rather than about you.
My name is [YOUR NAME], I’m a Content Manager at [COMPANY NAME] and I write [INDUSTRY] topics for [YOUR BLOG URL].
Recently, one of my articles on [TOPIC] turned out exceptionally well. [DESCRIBE WHAT SETS YOUR ARTICLE APART]
I’ve noticed that you have a few articles on the same topic (such as [ARTICLE URL1] and [ARTICLE URL 2]), I was wondering if you would consider linking to my article as an additional kind of information for reading. I believe it could be proven really valuable to your readers.
Let me know what you think and let me know if I can do anything to return the favor.
3. Guest Post Outreach Template
Some websites openly announce they accept guest posts; others may do it upon request. So it never hurts to ask. When you write your email, try to be concise, be genuine, and add your credentials to provide more authority.
I'm [YOUR NAME], Content Writer at [COMPANY NAME].
I’m a huge fan of [THEIR BLOG] and I believe I’m ready to become a contributor from a long-time reader. Would you consider collaborating with me on a guest post?
Below are some of the topics I had in mind for your blog audience:
Topic 1
Topic 2
Topic 3
I’ve been in the field for [NUMBER] years, and I’ll do my best to share only the most valuable and in-depth information and insights for your audience.   
Here is a couple of my most recent article for you to look into:  
Let me know what you think!
Kind regards,
4. Affiliate Outreach Template
With an affiliate program, you are not asking for a favor, but offering a business transaction, so you don’t need to be sound “beggy”. Tell your prospects about your product and the terms, be transparent, highlight the benefits, and let them decide.
I'm [YOUR NAME], Marketing Manager at [COMPANY NAME].
I've noticed that you’re promoting [PRODUCT CATEGORY] on [THEIR WEBSITE URL], and I was wondering, would you like to join our [BRAND] affiliate program as well?
Our [BRAND] is manufacturing [PRODUCT], which has been on the market for [NUMBER] years and is currently used by more than [NUMBER] consumers from all over the globe. (Describe other benefits of the product).
Recently, we changed our affiliate program policies. And our affiliates are now getting a [%/$] commission for every new customer they bring to our product.
Also by next week, we’re going to start a huge promotion, this is the period when conversion rates skyrocket and our affiliates see huge boosts in their earning. So it might be the perfect time for you to join in.
Let me know what you think and feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries!
5. Marketing Collaboration Template
It’s a simple email template to write to companies/bloggers who are open to collaborate. Offer your idea also be willing to explore your prospect’s collaboration ideas.
[YOUR NAME] here, Chief Marketing Officer at [COMPANY].
I was hoping to enlist your help in promoting one of our products /services [PRODUCT / SERVICE NAME].
Since your audience is [EXPLAIN WHY THE PROPOSE IS RELEVANT], we were thinking of providing them with exclusive access to our product/service. You’ll get some love from your audience for giving that access, and we’ll get some new clients for our products /services.
Let me know if you are interested and let’s discuss the terms. We’ve got a strong subscriber base and would love to give you a feature as well.
Feel Free to contact me if you have any inquiries or counter-offers, we are willing to explore your collaboration ideas.
Best Regards,
6. Influencer Outreach Template
When you do influencer outreach, your email template needs to be more personalized. So, craft your email according to your influencer’s persona.
I'm [YOUR NAME], Head of Marketing at [COMPANY].
I’m a huge fan of your [SOCIAL MEDIA] content and I believe that your voice would be a great match for our brand. Right now we are looking for brand ambassadors who are [LIST THEIR UNIQUE FEATURES]. Would you be open to a partnership with our brand?
Your job would be to [JOB DESCRIPTION]. In return, we will [EXPLAIN COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS].
Let me know if you are open to the idea!
7. Broken Link Building Template
One of the best ways to gain backlinks is by alarming people they’ve got “a problem on their website’s links.” Find your competitors’ 404 error webpages and see who links to them, then reach out to those linking websites and asking them to link to you instead as a good substitute for the missing webpages. In your email always mention where the broken page lies and what great substitute you have.
[YOUR NAME] here, SEO Analyst at [COMPANY].
I’ve noticed that you've got a broken link on your website [URL]; it leads to a missing page [URL].
Luckily, I’ve got a great substitute for the missing page with real top-notch content [URL] on the exact same topic. Would you be open to swapping the broken link with the link leading to my website?
Let me know if you're interested and let me know if I can do anything to return the favor :)
Kind Regards,
8. Skyscraper Link Building Template
Find your top-ranking articles, inspect their backlinks, create a better copy of those top-ranking articles, and invite the linking domains to link to your fresh update. Trust me; it’s one of the great tactics to gain authoritative backlinks.
My name is [YOUR NAME], I'm a content Manager at [COMPANY].
I came across your website [URL] and I totally loved it! 
I like the way you put together information in your articles, and I’m eager to use some of the tips that I've found here [THEIR CONTENT URL].
By the way, I’ve created a comprehensive article on a similar topic [URL]; it provides fresh stats and insights on the topic. I think it would be a good addition to your article, and your readers will love it as well.
Let me know if you’re interested in the idea and let me know if I can do anything to return the favor.
Best Regards,
9. Reverse Image Link Building Template
Surely, you know that you can be searched by images on Google and find out who uses your valuable images without copyright attribution. Plus, that can be a good opportunity for link-building outreach: ask the people who used your images without copyright attribution to create an image backlink to your website.
Thank you for sharing my images in your blog post [BLOG LINK]. I am happy that you’ve found it useful for the article.
However, it seems like you’ve forgotten to add the image attribution, have you? If so, could you please add an image link to the website [URL] the image originates from?
Kind Regards,
Here you go! Now, you’ve got a comprehensive list of nine marketing outreach email templates, and I hope you’ve found these email templates helpful. Again, as I said before, when adopting these email templates for your marketing outreach, just make sure to give it personal touch with your own, unique and authentic voice. 
Do you have your own effective marketing outreach methods? Please, let me know them in the comments below!
OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a goal system used by Google and others. It is a simple tool to create alignment and engagement around measurable goals. Recently, i spend a whole day to read and understand the principle of OKR and how you can implement in your business or integrate within your Agile process.

I herewith attached a few basic to advance resources which will help you to understand and practice the OKR methodology by yourself.